My Favorite Travel and Money Savings Websites

Use Acorns to Save

Acorns rounds up purchases and automatically stashes money for you. No self control needed. 

Save on Attractions

Use CityPass to save hundreds on entrance fees for attractions in cities like LA, Boston and Houston. 

Book Discount Flights

Save hundreds on flights by booking with a discount website. 

Try a Tour

Tours are great for solo travels and those who would rather let someone else do the planning. Contiki specializes in tours for 18-35 year olds. 


Make money by hosting surfers or travel the world on a budget using this service that connects travelers and hosts. 

Bed and Breakfast is the best resource for finding charming b&bs all over the country. 

More Savings

Find Something to Read

Try Book of the Month and always have something to read on your journeys.